Today: Jul. 29, 2014

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Adverse Drug Outcomes (ADOs) are responsible for causing: illness, death, hospitalization, allergic reactions, drug sensitivities, non-compliance, repeat doctor's visits, additional prescriptions, repeat pharmacy visits, phone calls, diagnostic testing, nursing home placement, and time lost from work.

  • ADOs lead to 195,000 deaths a year (4).
  • The majority of ADO's are caused by transcription errors (illegible handwriting, miswritten or forged prescriptions) and lack of information about a patient's medical profile at the time of prescribing.
  • The cost of death and injury due to ADO's is $76 Billion a year in the US (5). This translates into $7.6 Billion a year in Canada and $760 million a year in BC.
  • Indecipherable or unclear prescriptions result in more than 15 million calls per year from pharmacists to physicians in Canada asking for clarification. This time-consuming process is estimated to cost the healthcare system $200M dollars a year in Canada (3).
  • 450 million calls per year from pharmacists take place to get physicians to authorize and verify refill prescriptions in the US (8). This translates into an estimated 45 million phone calls in Canada each year.
  • The cost of unfilled prescriptions is $2.5-3.0 billion US per year or $250-$300 million in Canada and this lack of compliance can be overcome with more timely information (8)
  • The Western Health Information Collaborative states that even modest (10 - 25%) improvements in hospitalizations, long-term care placements, and repeat doctors visits caused by ADOs would save $184 million a year in the Western Provinces and Territories, and up to $69 million per year in Alberta alone (1)
  • Up to 28% of hospital admissions and 5% of all doctors office visits are due to ADO's (5).


eScript Systems™ will reduce ADO's by creating legible, informed prescriptions sent directly to the pharmacy with a verified physician identity using a biometric signature system.



eScript Systems™ is a drug management and prescription writing software program consisting of a central server, and physician and pharmacy modules. eScript Systems™ delivers real time patient information to physicians and pharmacists so they can make the best informed decisions about patient care. eScript Systems™ provides information that a physician needs to efficiently care for his patients such as allergies, drug interactions, medication history and discontinued medicines. The encrypted patient information is kept in a central server and is accessed using PC's, PDA's or smart phones, allowing the physician access anywhere, anytime.

With BioSig-ID™, the physician signs their name using a mouse or stylus to build a profile and subsequent signatures are compared to this original profile. The physician is "authenticated" if there is a match. Access to the patient information is granted and a verified prescription can be sent using the eScript Systems™ software.

eScript Systems™ Inc. is a Canadian Corporation registered in British Columbia. For additional information please contact Michael Koss MD at